Tobacco Cessation

One in every five people in Uttar Pradesh consumes tobacco in some form. The State alone contributes to 20 per cent of national burden of throat and mouth cancer. We seek to revert this trend.

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The Context

Tobacco is cultivated, processed and produced in the State. According to the India Cancer Report, the State also has the highest prevalence of throat and mouth cancer cases – about 20 per cent of the national burden. The age of initiation of tobacco use is among the lowest in India, and chewing, bidi smoking and cigarettes (in that order) are the principal forms of tobacco use.

What We Wish to Seek

We seek to intervene with likely prospects who one day may be initiated into consumption of tobacco so they do not turn into tobacco consumers.

What Will We Do?

  1. Creating smoke free public places
  2. Creating tobacco free educational institutions
  3. Build capacity of the policy makers, law enforcers, coalition partners, educational institutions, panchayati raj Institutions, health workers and NGOs