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Environment and Sustainable Local Development

In line with The Prime Minister’s vision and direction of Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) on afforestation using participatory approach, UPVHA has been an implementing agency of Joint Forest Management Committees (JFMC). UPVHA has a deep understanding on the needs, ecological conditions and other local factors in consultation with local communities, local experts and the local officials of Forest Department.

UPVHA efforts conform with National Afforestation Programme (NAP) scheme and Honorable Prime Minister’s National Mission for a Green India (GIM) of rewilding using local and native species. UPVHA’s approach is to make local participation integral to all rewilding and conservation efforts. Given the high population pressures and resource use conflicts, communal ownership and in smaller and more vulnerable protected areas. Through unique participatory methods, UPVHA devises community-owned conservation plans with local participation.

UPVHA supports local communities to develop transparent institutional and legal frameworks and resource sharing mechanisms through education of local people and other stakeholders. Local administration and their agencies also play a significant role in participatory processes by providing an enabling environment.