Visit to Farmer Producer Company

A UPVHA team headed to Kotwa village near Masauli in Barabanki district to meet and learn about the experience of women members of Agroprasar Farmer Producer Company Limited. This company is the first registered fully owned women’s organisation in Barabanki district. This organisation facilitates women to acquire skills and make products (including vermicompost and chips) with the prospects of later consumption and sale of these products.

The visit was undertaken to witness the empowerment that this organisation promotes among women of the village by introducing self-sufficiency in their lives. During interaction, the visitors were informed about multiple things done by the organisation in the past two years. The common thread in this conversation was the positive impact on the women and their children because of this organisation.

Association with this organisation has greatly helped these women avail themselves of the benefits instituted for them and assert their rights. The empowerment that has been experienced by these women due to association with and functioning of this organisation is truly laudatory and illuminating for further initiatives like this.