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Let Us Join Together to Make Health a Reality for All

Vision, Mission and Strategy


Let us join together to make Health a Reality for All


UPVHA will promote quality health care especially for the vulnerable (regionally determined) groups with their participation in activating the public health system in revitalizing /promoting healthy living practices by encouragement of social vigilance and by strengthening partnership among like-minded individuals, institutions and groups, and in this way build a community movement for health.


UPVHA will achieve this mission with the help of

Collaboration and Coordination with: National and international agencies, government parts and other stakeholders
Social Justice: Equal opportunity to health services, women empowerment, human rights and PPNDT Act
Health Education: For adolescents, youth, eligible couples, RCH, school health, food and nutrition, safe drinking water, prevention of HIV, AIDS, STI and RTI and tobacco control, etc.
Policy Documents: UPVHA has human resource policy, gender policy and finance policy
Environmental Conservation, Climate Resilience and Sustainable Development: Using local resources and people’s participation.