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Let Us Join Together to Make Health a Reality for All

Key Objectives

  • To fulfill the needs of the community with optimum utilization of existing resources
  • To create an environment for building up a people’s movement through effective networking, advocacy, lobbying and campaigning and community mobilization
  • To provide support services to community development programme through voluntary organizations
  • To conduct research and studies on various aspect of health and development issues and initiate advocacy with the State Government
  • To strengthen voluntary organizations working in the field of health and development
  • To promote and maintain liaison and encourage good working relationship among members, national and international funding agencies
  • To enhance the collaboration between government and voluntary organizations
  • Distributive justice in healthcare programme leading to self-reliance of the community and increase community participation
  • To collect, exchange and disseminate health and related knowledge and information
  • To educate local communities on water and biodiversity conservation, and climate resilience, and support initiatives to protect them against present vulnerabilities and future shocks