Geriatric Care Project


The primary objective of UPVHA’s Geriatric Care Project is to improve the health, well-being, and quality of life of elderly individuals living in eight urban slums of Lucknow. Supported by the HCL Foundation, this project aims to provide comprehensive care and support to the elderly, addressing their unique needs and challenges.


The overarching goal of the Geriatric Care Project is to create an inclusive and supportive environment for the elderly in urban slums, ensuring they receive the necessary health care, social support, and resources to lead dignified and healthy lives. UPVHA seeks to empower the elderly and integrate them into the broader community, promoting respect and care for this vulnerable population.

  1. Health Care Services
    • Conducting regular health camps and medical check-ups for the elderly, focusing on preventive care and early detection of health issues.
  2. Home-Based Care
    • Offering home-based care services for bedridden or immobile elderly individuals, including nursing care, and regular health monitoring.
    • Training family members and caregivers on best practices for elderly care to ensure continuous and compassionate support.
  3. Nutrition and Wellness
    • Promoting balanced diets through awareness to address malnutrition and dietary deficiencies among the elderly.
    • Organizing wellness sessions on mental health, stress management, and physical exercises tailored for seniors.
  4. Social Engagement and Support
    • Establishing elderly support groups and community centres where seniors can socialize, share experiences, and participate in recreational activities.
    • Conducting workshops and cultural programs to keep the elderly engaged and mentally active, reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness.
  5. Capacity Building and Training
    • Training community volunteers as “Elderly Assistants” to provide direct assistance and companionship to the elderly.
    • Educating the community on the importance of elderly care and fostering a culture of respect and empathy towards senior citizens.
  6. Access to Social Services
    • Assisting the elderly in accessing government schemes, pensions, and other social benefits they are entitled to.
  7. Advocacy and Awareness
    • Raising awareness about the rights and needs of the elderly through community meetings, campaigns, and media engagement.
    • Advocating for policies and programs that enhance the quality of life for the elderly at local and state levels.

UPVHA’s Geriatric Care Project, supported by the HCL Foundation, is dedicated to transforming the lives of elderly individuals in the urban slums of Lucknow. By providing comprehensive health care, social support, and advocacy, the project aims to ensure that the elderly can live with dignity, security, and happiness. Through these efforts, UPVHA continues to champion the cause of elderly care, creating a compassionate and inclusive society for all generations.