About Us


Uttar Pradesh Voluntary Health Association (UPVHA) is a network of voluntary organizations working in the field of community health and development across Uttar Pradesh. It is a state chapter of Voluntary Health Association of India (VHAI), New Delhi. Its head office is located in UP’s capital Lucknow. UPVHA has 34 years of experience implementing quality programming on health, environment and rural development in the State and increasingly in other parts of northern India. It was established as a non-profit secular organization registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, in November 1985. UPVHA advocates people-centred policies for dynamic health planning and programme management in UP.

Our major focus area

UPVHA works in collaboration with various partners in the field of health


In health, UPVHA primarily works in reproductive and child health, tobacco control, adolescent reproductive health, women empowerment, safe abortion, HIV/AIDS/STD/RTI, nutritional deficiency disorder, malaria, tribal health, ISM/TSM, female foeticide, strengthening of PRIs, child education, environmental health, gender equity, etc.

Sustainable Development and livelihood creation

In sustainable development and livelihood creation, UPVHA works closely with communities and commuity based organisations to help them develop models of sustainable livelihoods, and income generation using local resources and skills.

environmental protection

In the area of environmental protection, UPVHA has worked tirelessly to protect natural resource degradation and has worked with local communities and local district administration to conserve forest, land and water resources.

UPVHA has strong grassroots presence and networks through 83 NGO partners working in the field of education, community health, environment and systainable development in Uttar Pradesh. Increasingly UPVHA has partnered with NGOs in Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and Madhya Pradesh. It has good relationship with Central Government agencies and receives widespread supprot of State Governments. UPVHA is a trusted partner of the State government agencies and provides support in state level policy advocacy, facilitation of IEC, strengthening of partner CSOs, research and documentation, on wide ranging issues. The Health Department has nominated UPVHA in different state and district level committees.