UPVHA Honoured for Protecting Nature

To celebrate World Sparrow Day, an event was organised “Meri Pyaari Gauraiya” (an initiative by News Movement newspaper to protect sparrows by installing birdhouses since 2017) on March 22, 2023, at Dr Shakuntala Misra National Rehabilitation University, Lucknow. The purpose of the event was to spread awareness about the little bird sparrow and to facilitate people and organisations that are working for environmental protection.

At the event, Executive Director of UPVHA Vivek Awasthi was honoured by Minister of State for Environment KP Malik, Vice President of the Traders’ Welfare Board Manish Gupta, former Mayor of Lucknow Sanyukta Bhatia and District Forest Officer of Lucknow Dr Ravi Kumar Singh for his work to protect nature and fight climate change. Under his leadership, UPVHA works to protect and preserve the environment by tackling problems like climate change and trying to protect natural spaces like wetlands.

It was a pleasure and a proud moment to receive this award, and we thank everyone for acknowledging and recognising the work towards the protection of nature. We will continue to strive to bring about change and protect our environment for everyone to have a nurturing future.

Better Environment, Better Tomorrow