Stakeholder Meeting on Geriatric Care Project

The Stakeholder Meeting convened on 21st March 2024 at Golden Tulip, Lucknow, emerged as a pivotal forum, gathering key players invested in the Geriatric Care Project. The meeting was graced by Dr. BPS Kalyani, Director of Health, as the esteemed Chief Guest. Hosted by Mr. Vivek Awasthi, Executive Director of UPVHA, the gathering witnessed the participation of distinguished guests, including Dr. Laxman Singh, General Manager, National Programs, NHM, UP; Dr. Alka Sharma, State Program Officer, NCD; and Dr. Mukesh Matanhelia, State Nodal Officer, NTCP. The session commenced with an invigorating welcome, setting the tone for collaborative engagement.

Ms. Kavita Kumari, Associate Manager Head of Health at HCL Foundation, provided attendees with insights into HCLF’s overarching initiatives, underscoring their commitment to healthcare interventions. Subsequently, Mr. Birjesh Pathak, the adept Project Manager, meticulously delineated the project’s trajectory, elucidating its core objectives and milestones achieved, while also delineating forthcoming milestones, engendering a holistic understanding among participants.

Dr. Pretesh Rohan Kiran, a distinguished Consultant in Public Health and Community Geriatrics, steered deliberations on stakeholder roles and responsibilities, fostering interactive exchanges aimed at synergizing efforts for optimal project outcomes. This segment facilitated a profound exploration of potential challenges and concerns, with Dr. Kiran adeptly guiding stakeholders toward identifying obstacles and fostering collaborative problem-solving. Mr. Vivek Awasthi, Executive Director, extended a gracious vote of thanks, acknowledging the collective dedication of stakeholders and paving the way for a promising future trajectory. The convivial networking lunch that ensued provided a fertile ground for fostering synergies, nurturing relationships, and fostering a shared commitment to advancing geriatric care endeavors in Lucknow. The meeting, characterized by its depth of dialogue, strategic foresight, and collaborative spirit, epitomized a significant milestone in the journey towards enhancing geriatric care provision, underscoring the transformative potential of collective action and partnership.

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