Women’s Meeting on Waste Management in Hulas Khera

On 25 July 2023, an empowering session on waste management was organized by the UPVHA organization in Hulas Khera. The event, held in collaboration with approximately 50 enthusiastic women, aimed to educate and raise awareness about solid-liquid waste management in the community. The session was led by Mr. Ajay Gupta, a renowned consultant in waste management.

During the session, Mr. Ajay Gupta engaged the participants by sharing valuable insights and knowledge on effective waste management techniques. His expertise shed light on various aspects of waste handling, including proper segregation, composting, and recycling methods. The women were particularly receptive to the information, actively participating in the discussions and showing a genuine interest in implementing sustainable waste management practices.

One of the highlights of the event was the distribution of plant saplings to the attending women. This initiative not only encouraged green practices but also inspired a sense of responsibility towards the environment. The women showed excitement and determination to nurture the plants, symbolizing their commitment to the cause of a cleaner and greener community.

The success of the session can be attributed to the active involvement of the women, who demonstrated a strong desire to learn and take action. Their eagerness to embrace positive changes in waste management bodes well for the future of the community and the environment.

In conclusion, the women’s meeting on waste management in Hulas Khera, spearheaded by UPVHA and Mr. Ajay Gupta, was a resounding success. The session not only disseminated crucial knowledge on waste management but also fostered a spirit of collective responsibility among the participants. With such initiatives, the community is on its way to becoming a role model in sustainable waste management practices, led by the dedication and commitment of its women.

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Workshop on Wetland Conservation in Hulas Khera Village

On 25th July,2023, a session on wetland conservation and empowering communities to harvest biomass was organized in Hulas Khera Village. The event was attended by approximately 50 women from the village. The workshop aimed to raise awareness about wetland conservation and the sustainable use of biomass resources while promoting the active participation of women in these initiatives. The event was graced by Mr. Vivek Awasthi, the Executive Director of the Uttar Pradesh Voluntary Health Association (UPVHA), who addressed the gathering.

Workshop Highlights

Wetland Conservation

The workshop commenced with the talk on the significance of wetland conservation. Mr. Vivek Awasthi emphasized the crucial role of wetlands in maintaining ecological balance and biodiversity. He highlighted the importance of preserving these fragile ecosystems to combat climate change, protect local flora and fauna, and sustain livelihoods for communities relying on wetland resources.

Community Empowerment

The session focused on empowering communities, especially women, to actively participate in sustainable biomass harvesting practices. The participants were educated on the proper methods of collecting biomass resources from wetlands without causing harm to the environment. It was emphasized that involving women in these initiatives can enhance their role as key stakeholders in environmental conservation.

Role of Women

A key highlight of the workshop was recognizing the vital role of women in environmental stewardship and the conservation of natural resources. Mr. Awasthi emphasized that women have a deep connection with their local environment and their knowledge and participation are essential for successful conservation efforts.

Interactive Activities

The workshop incorporated interactive activities, including group discussions and hands-on training sessions, where participants learned about sustainable biomass harvesting techniques and shared their experiences and insights on wetland conservation.


The workshop on wetland conservation and community empowerment in Hulas Khera Village was a resounding success, with the active participation of around 50 women from the community. The event provided valuable insights into the significance of wetlands, the sustainable use of biomass resources, and the crucial role of women in environmental conservation efforts. The Uttar Pradesh Voluntary Health Association remains committed to supporting such initiatives that foster environmental stewardship and empower local communities to safeguard their natural heritage.

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Plantation Drive at Emmar Gomti Greens

The Uttar Pradesh Voluntary Health Association (UPVHA) orchestrated a remarkable plantation drive at Emmar Gomti Greens in collaboration with Van Vibhag, Aldaa Foundation, and One Step Towards Humanity & Nature. The event aimed to promote environmental consciousness, advocate for sustainable practices, and foster a greener and healthier ecosystem.

The chief guest for the plantation drive was Dr. Ravi Kumar Singh, Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Awadh. His esteemed presence added significance to the occasion. Dr. Singh actively participated in planting saplings and shared valuable insights on the importance of protecting our planet and the significance of planting trees. He emphasized that the responsibility of nurturing these saplings extends beyond the act of planting and should encompass their care and well-being throughout their lifecycle.

Mr. Vivek Awasthi, the Executive Director of UPVHA, and the President of Aldaa Foundation also addressed the gathering and stressed the significance of tree plantation in preserving the environment. Both speakers highlighted the collective responsibility of humankind in safeguarding the Earth. They underscored the idea that every effort, no matter how small, contributes to the larger cause of conserving nature.

The event witnessed active participation from children, volunteers, and local residents, who came together to plant 200 saplings in the area. The enthusiasm and dedication displayed by the participants showcased their commitment to creating a sustainable and green future.

The plantation drive at Emmar Gomti Greens stands as a testament to the joint efforts of various organizations and individuals towards environmental conservation. It not only succeeded in raising awareness about the importance of tree plantation but also inspired attendees to take collective action in safeguarding our planet for generations to come.

Overall, the event served as a catalyst for fostering a sense of responsibility and care towards nature. The impact of this drive is expected to extend beyond its immediate effects, contributing to a healthier and ecologically balanced Uttar Pradesh.

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One-day IEC Activities on Sanitation and Hygiene

The awareness program on Sanitation was held at Hulas Khera School with the participation of the principal, teachers, students, and their parents. The program aimed to educate and raise awareness about the importance of sanitation and its impact on health, education, socio-economic status, and the environment. Mr. Ajay Gupta, a knowledgeable expert, led the session, providing valuable insights into the seven components of sanitation.

Mr. Gupta emphasized the significance of Safe disposal of Human Excreta, Personal Hygiene, Safe Storage of Drinking Water, Solid Waste Management, Liquid Waste Management, Home and Food Hygiene, and a Clean and Healthy Environment for maintaining a hygienic and sustainable living environment. The focus of the session was on solid and liquid waste management. Mr. Gupta explained the distinction between bio-degradable and non-bio-degradable waste. Bio-degradable waste comprises fruits, vegetable peels, waste food, and agricultural waste, while non-bio-degradable waste includes plastic, iron, copper, and newspapers.

The first step towards efficient waste management is segregation, allowing for easy management of waste and promoting a clean and green environment. Students were encouraged to make organic compost from bio-degradable waste, for which they could use drums and buckets on their rooftops. Additionally, Vermi-compost pits were suggested for large-scale bio-degradable waste management at ground level.

Mr. Gupta also highlighted the economic benefits of selling non-bio-degradable waste like plastic, iron, copper, and newspapers, empowering students to actively participate in waste management and earn money. He further encouraged the students to create kitchen gardens, emphasizing their numerous benefits and positive impact on the environment.

The session was interactive, with students actively participating, answering questions, and raising doubts. Their engagement showcased their enthusiasm and interest in promoting sanitation practices. Overall, the Sanitation Awareness Program was a resounding success, imparting crucial knowledge and fostering a sense of responsibility among the students towards maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

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Tobacco Free Youth Campaign Launched

Tobacco free youth campaign was launched in Lucknow on World No Tobacco Day on 31 May 2023. A state level workshop for advancing tobacco control in Uttar Pradesh was jointly organised by Uttar Pradesh Health Department and Uttar Pradesh Volountary Health Association on the occasion.

Principal Secretary Medical Heatlh and Family Welfare Parth Sarthi Sen Sharma addressed the workshop. Director General Medical Health Renu Srivastavas, state level officials from key departments, representatives from media, civil society organisations and other institutions participated.

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UPVHA Honoured for Protecting Nature

To celebrate World Sparrow Day, an event was organised “Meri Pyaari Gauraiya” (an initiative by News Movement newspaper to protect sparrows by installing birdhouses since 2017) on March 22, 2023, at Dr Shakuntala Misra National Rehabilitation University, Lucknow. The purpose of the event was to spread awareness about the little bird sparrow and to facilitate people and organisations that are working for environmental protection.

At the event, Executive Director of UPVHA Vivek Awasthi was honoured by Minister of State for Environment KP Malik, Vice President of the Traders’ Welfare Board Manish Gupta, former Mayor of Lucknow Sanyukta Bhatia and District Forest Officer of Lucknow Dr Ravi Kumar Singh for his work to protect nature and fight climate change. Under his leadership, UPVHA works to protect and preserve the environment by tackling problems like climate change and trying to protect natural spaces like wetlands.

It was a pleasure and a proud moment to receive this award, and we thank everyone for acknowledging and recognising the work towards the protection of nature. We will continue to strive to bring about change and protect our environment for everyone to have a nurturing future.

Better Environment, Better Tomorrow

Yellow Line Campaign at Lucknow University

The ‘Yellow Line Campaign’ which is an initiative towards a tobacco-free campus was launched at the University of Lucknow on 16 February. The event included a poster-making competition, a facilitation ceremony, and a walk that involved enthusiastic students and organisers. The event was organised by Uttar Pradesh Voluntary Health Association, Master of Public Health (Community Medicine), Department of Social Work, University of Lucknow, and National Service Scheme.

The aim of the event was to further the important goal of freeing educational institutions from the clutches of tobacco addiction. The event was graced with the presence of the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Lucknow and the State Advisor of the National Tobacco Control Programme. During the event, the guests and students set free some balloons carrying the message ‘No Tobacco’. The event symbolised the dedication and enthusiasm which is required for fighting the hold of tobacco on educational institutes.

The spirit of the day was aptly captured in the theme for the poster competition “Tobacco Addiction, Plight of Precious Life.” No Tobacco march was conducted in the University campus by the students and teachers to raise awareness about the implications of smoking on an individual’s health.

Visit to Hulas Khera Wetland

A UPVHA team visited Hulas Khera wetland on World Wetland Day on 2 February 2023 to participate in an event aimed at raising awareness about the ecologically precious site of Hulas Khera.

Barabanki District Forest Officer Ravi Kumar Singh and Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University Professor Venkatesh Dutta delivered a lecture on environmental and cultural significance of the wetland. The challenges facing the conservation of the wetland complex were not only heard in the lecture delivered but were also visible in the excursion of the site. 

Given these challenges, it became essential that the local communities were involved in the conservation efforts and their participation was motivated by a desire to protect their own natural heritage.

The event ended with the adoption of the wetland complex by UPVHA for the conservation of this important site which forms part of our collective natural heritage.

Visit to Farmer Producer Company

A UPVHA team headed to Kotwa village near Masauli in Barabanki district to meet and learn about the experience of women members of Agroprasar Farmer Producer Company Limited. This company is the first registered fully owned women’s organisation in Barabanki district. This organisation facilitates women to acquire skills and make products (including vermicompost and chips) with the prospects of later consumption and sale of these products.

The visit was undertaken to witness the empowerment that this organisation promotes among women of the village by introducing self-sufficiency in their lives. During interaction, the visitors were informed about multiple things done by the organisation in the past two years. The common thread in this conversation was the positive impact on the women and their children because of this organisation.

Association with this organisation has greatly helped these women avail themselves of the benefits instituted for them and assert their rights. The empowerment that has been experienced by these women due to association with and functioning of this organisation is truly laudatory and illuminating for further initiatives like this.

Plantation at Lucknow University

On the occasion of Children’s Day, a plantation programme was organised at Sewa Bhawan of the University of Lucknow. The programme was jointly organised by National Savings Scheme of the University of Lucknow and Uttar Pradesh Voluntary Health Association.

The programme was inaugurated by Prof. Alok Rai, Vice-Chancellor of the university. Vivek Awasthi, Director of UPVHA, pledged to plant 10,000 saplings throughout the state in two years. During the programme around 200 saplings of various varieties were planted at several places in the university campus by the NSS volunteers.