Fundraising Campaigns

  1. Animal Welfare

    There are over 2 crore stray animals in India and caring for an injured or sick animal is a resource intensive and time taking job. Every rupee donated by you will help in providing proper care to them.
    Rs. 100.00 donated of Rs. 1,500,000.00 goal

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  2. Help a Special Child

    Premature babies, delayed development, and autism are common in countries such as India. Such children perish and lose all opportunities if they are not taken care of at the appropriate time.

    Rs. 0.00 donated of Rs. 2,000,000.00 goal

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  3. Rewilding Land

    We are interested in rewilding severely degraded areas like abandoned mines, toxic sites (industrial and non-industrial), and revival of landscapes like grasslands, ponds, riverfronts, among others.

    Rs. 0.00 donated of Rs. 1,000,000.00 goal

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